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Follow at your own pace.

Our 6 modules lead you through the design process.

Each module includes:
• 10-20 minute video
• Personal worksheets (the design pages) that can be downloaded as fillable pdfs
• Community chat forums

We recommend 1-2 weeks per module, Course typically takes 6-12 weeks to complete.

This course is intended for anyone at a transition stage; seeking to make changes, achieve goals or build constructive behaviors in their life. The course can be followed alone, as a couple or with a group.

Life Vision


You don’t need to have all the answers!

The process will lead you to discovery and awareness.

After each module we provide you with exercises,
reflections and tasks that you can customize to your life.

We call this work the design pages.

The design pages. the most challenging and important
part of this process.

They can be downloaded as PDFs.


Design is not magic, its an interactive process that requires awareness and hard work. Learn the process and use it for the rest of your life. This powerful way of approaching complex problems has created some of the greatest solutions accross all industries.
Through it, we discover and test how to live out the best life that is in us to live.

Our 6 modules follow the design process.

define the

This module is about putting a stake in the
ground in terms of the direction you want to go,
the general shift you are seeking and craving.
Module 1 is about identifying what this journey is
about for you and what you are longing for.

module 1


In module 2 we collect information in order to
form an accurate picture of you and your current
life. This module will challenge your assumptions
and beliefs.
In order to determine where you
want to go and how you will get there, we need
to understand where you are now.

module 2


Module 3 is where we start to dream, dream and play around with different ideas; things you want to do, values you want to cultivate, aspirations you want to fulfill. Module 3 is about helping you to step out of the constraints and limits that you place on yourself and your life, and open you up to all the possibilities around you.

module 3


In Module 4 we will create the first version and blueprint of your life design. Using criteria and a selection process, we will narrow down your brainstorming results into a concrete blueprint and map that will serve as a guide for all the parts of you and your life.

module 4


The goal of module 5 is to give your design or aspects of your design a test run. Through the testing phase your design will be evaluated in order to see what works and what needs to be adjusted.

module 5


In our final module we discuss how to take what you have learnt from your testing phase and apply it to improve your design. We will teach you how to modify your vision and design based on the data gathered from your testing phase. We will set you up to move forward with a process and tools that you can use for the rest of your life.

module 6